ECOTEC® knitted hat Seamless Bean

$20.67 $42.42

• unisex
• seamlessly knitted
• made from recycled cotton
• produced in Germany
• many carrying options
• Produced in a resource-saving manner
• washable


Unisex knitted hat made from recycled ECOTEC® cotton.

The seamless knitting process eliminates the need for seams, so the hat is super comfortable, drapes nicely and can be worn in many different ways.

Our ECOTEC® yarn uses up to 77.7% less water, 56.3% less CO2 and 56.6% less energy than conventional cotton, which makes the shared vision of sustainable eco and fair fashion a reality.

100% cotton (thread size Nm 34/2). Made in Germany. Machine washable.



Organic merino wool

All of our sweaters made from organic cotton are super soft and comfortable to wear. You could say it feels like you're attracting a cloud.

Our organic merino wool is GOTS and IVN-Best certified, comes from well-treated sheep and is one of nature's many wonders. It warms you in winter, ensures a pleasant climate in summer and hardly absorbs dirt or odors. It works completely without chemicals, is super soft and washable.


organic cotton

Our organic cotton comes from controlled, organic cultivation. It is not genetically modified and needs a lot less water than conventional cotton. No chemicals are used during cultivation or harvesting.

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